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I have used my unique gift of psychic mediumship since childhood. Whether it is to connect those that have lost loved ones or to assist in getting your life back on track, I'm here to help with direction, in nothing but a positive light. My ability to use several of my gifts helps me give variance to my clients.

We all have free will to choose which road of the future to take. Please do not let your life be ruled a psychic reading. What I see happening today can be changed by you. My goal is to help liberate that free choice so that you can choose and set out to achieve the most positive future. My readings help clear the fog. Things happen in life that sometimes cause us to become confused or to feel lost. Losing faith is one of the saddest moments of one's life (I've been there before myself. I know.). It makes us run in circles, mistaking motion as positive activity, yet it only creates more chaos and stress. 


My hope is to help you make clear and informed decisions, but the ultimate choice is up to you for it is only you that can work miracles in your own life! You hold the magic wand, I am just the friend who shows you how to use it. 


With the use of my Guides and your Guides, along with my gift of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and empathy, I am here to help clear the cobwebs of confusion.  At some point in everyone's life, direction is needed. I hope that you will trust that I can be that beacon.



  • If you are inquiring for a free session, your email will not be answered. 
  • There is not a cancellation list in place as just about everyone who has booked an appointment has requested an earlier appointment, yet it is a rare occurance. 



It is recommended that you arrive 10 minutes before your appointment, use the rest room, get comfortable and take a few deep breathes from driving in traffic - that would be helpful to keep Kristy on schedule and to keep your energy open for your reading.

  • There are no refunds
  • No refunds or re-schedules will be allowed for skipped or missed appointments.
  • If you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, it will be noted as 'missed' and your appointment will not be rescheduled or refunded.
  • You may re-schedule your appointment as I understand that emergencies happen, however I appreciate ample time and no less than 48 hours, or else you forfeit your appointment.
  • Only ONE re-schedule is allowed.

Please understand that this policy is in place to allow Kristy the ability to see as many clients as she can.

Online Scheduling

Select a service to schedule an appointment.

  • Psychic/Medium Combination - 50 minutes $175
  • Psychic Appointment - 50 Minute$150s $175
  • Medium Appointment - 50 Minutes $175
  • PHONE - Psychic/Medium Combination - 50 MIN $175
  • PHONE - Psychic Appointment - 50 MIN $175
  • PHONE - Life Coaching $175
  • Psychic/Medium - Group Session (2 People) - 50 MIN $200
  • Psychic/Medium - Group Session (3 people) - 50 MIN $250
  • Psychic/Medium - Group Session - (4 people) - 110 MIN $390
  • Psychic/Medium - Group Session (5-7 people) - 110 MIN $425
  • PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT - January 23rd! $65


    Straight Farmhouse - 6221 Merriman Road - Garden City, MI

    1st HOUR: Who and what are the guides?  How do you contact them and what role to they play in your life?  Learn who your guides are through a guided meditation.

    2nd HOUR: You will go on a journey of several psychic abilities including automatic writing, auras, mediumship and the many 'clairs' with exercises, class participation and meditations.

    3rd HOUR: Practice makes perfect and you will be able to practice and ask questions!

    This class takes 3 hours at a cost of $65

    Please bring a Yoga Mat if you would like to lay down during meditations.

    Please bring a notepad and pan.

    Please bring a photo of a deceased loved one.

    Snacks and water will be provided. 

  • Messages Beyond Circle - January $85

    Messages Beyond is a small gallery session, limited to 10 people, where Psychic Medium and Author Kristy Robinett will speak to each of the participant’s guides, angels and/or loved ones and pass along messages to those within the group..Everybody receives a message, however this is not a replacement for a full session. 

    There will be no refunds issued for this event unless Kristy cancels the event.


    Saturday, February 27th from 3PM-6PM

    $60 per person

    We will delve into the world of the earthbound spirit.  Gain insight into why they attach to the living and why they might produce a haunting.  Learn to engage and cross them over.  You will be taught how to clear a home and to clear out all negative imprints. 

    Kristy will offer basic techniques and strategies to protect yourself from most of the common forms of psychic attack, including deliberate attacks, attachments, negative entities, as well as other negative energy generally that is picked up unintentionally throughout your day. Empathic manifestations can cause melancholy and depression, fatigue, nightmares and insomnia, unexplained pains and aches, and negatives thoughts and ideas that are outside your control or normal behavior, among others.  

    Bring a notepad with you!

    You will go home with a protection spray (instructions on how to make more) and a crystal, along with information on the crystals that help!

    This class is held at The Straight Farmhouse - 6221 Merriman - Garden City, MI 

    Who and what are the guides?  How do you contact them and what role to they play in your life?  Learn who your guides are through a guided meditation. You will then go on a journey of several psychic abilities including automatic writing, auras, mediumship and the many 'clairs' with exercises, and meditations.

    The last half hour will be open questions. 

    This class is ONLINE and you will receive the instructions with the link/URL/phone number. 

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